Type of Company: Private Limited Company
Nature of Company: Electro-Mechanical & Civil Construction, Installation, Infrastructure, Contracting & Supply of Electrical Equipments, Solar Systems and Importing Reconditioned Vehicle
BIN: 002222512-0201
TIN: 320445932799
Trade License No.: TRAD/DSCC/369468/2019
Electric ABC License No.: 46/11274
Bank Accounts Details: Mercantile Bank Ltd. Satmosjid Road Branch
Membership Certificate: i) Bangladesh Electrical Association  (Member ID # G-1130)

ii) Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers & Dealers Association (BARVIDA, Member No. 1306)

Auditors: Shiraz Khan Basak & Co.

Key persons:

Sima Roy
Engr Keshab Kumar Roy
Managing Direcor
Deep Roy
Director (Operations and Engineering)
Jeet Roy
Director (Finance and Logistics)
Engr Sanjit Kumar Ghose
Executive Director. (Electromechanical)
Engr Shafique Mohammed Khan
Chief Operating Officer
Engr A.K.M Shafiqur Rahman
Executive Director (Civil)
Engr H. N. Mosaddeque Uddin  Ahmed
Chief Consultant
Col Md Shah Jahan Mollah, psc (Retd)
Security Consultant
Engr Sanchita Ghose  (Now in Higher Studies in the USA.)
Manager (Electromechanical)
Ar Bishawjit Ghose
Manager (Civil)
Md. Ariful Alam
Manager (Accounts)
Bijoy Chandra Das
Manager (Admin & HR)
Rajib Roy
Manager (Marketing)
Anirban Chandra (Now on training in Hungery)
Manager (R & D)
Mehedi Akand
Electrical Engineer