Type of Company: Proprietorship
Nature of Company: Electro-Mechanical & Civil Construction, Installation, Infrastructure, Contracting & Supply of Electrical Equipments and Importing Reconditioned Vehicle
VAT Registration No.: 19161099727
TIN No.: 891500694088
Trade License No.: 0151829
Electric ABC License No.: 46/11274
Bank Accounts Details: Mercantile Bank Ltd. Satmosjid Road Branch
Membership Certificate: Bangladesh Electrical Association  (3387/2016)
Auditors: Shiraz Khan Basak & Co.

Key persons:

Engr Keshab Kumar Roy
Proprietor & CEO
Engr Sanjit Kumar Ghose
Executive Director (Electromechanical)
Engr A.K.M. Shafiqur Rahman
Executive Director (Civil)
Engr H. N. Mosaddeque Uddin Ahmed
Chief Consultant
Engr Sanchita Ghose
Manager (Electromechanical)
Deep Roy
Network Administrator (IT)
Md. Edi Amin
Manager (Admin & H R)
Md. Anwarul Hoque
Manager (Accounts)
Rajib Roy
Manager (Marketing)
Ar Bishawjit Ghose
Manager (Civil)